The Unique Way of the Unisma’s Director of Graduate Program Recruits New Students

Malang (16/03), Unisma’s director of graduate program has a unique way to recruit new students. This method is to increase public trust in Unisma graduate program.

This unique method is as response and report to the rector and Unisma leaders when updating and reporting progress reports on graduate program development.

As usual, Prof. M. Mas’ud Said reported the academic situation map, achievements, development plans and also strategies for new student recruitment.

Mas’ud Said who is known for his  communicative competence in various circles presented data on achievements and developments to the rector of Unisma and the vice rector. Before closing, the rector of Unisma asked Mas’ud to explain the strategies used as the  implementation of  communication innovations.

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To recruit new students, Mas’ud opened all communication channels such  as being a radio, national and private TV speakers as well as creating content in Website in addition to the traditional way by making leaflets or  coming to regional areas  for new student recruitment.

The surprising fact is that the number of new graduate students increases in this pandemic time. What strategies do you use? Mas’ud explained that one of them was to mobilize social media and open the communication lines. Mas’ud has a special team 

“Pak Mas’ud Said is extraordinary. The method is always innovative, I never imagined that he would approach students and their parents personally,” said Dr Sumartono, MP., head of Animal Husbandry study program.

On Monday, March 15, 2021, Mas’ud Said, who is also one of the Chairs of the East Java Council of Indonesian Ulama,  accompanied by the head of the Animal Husbandry study program, visited districts  and showed one of his unique methods to alumni of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Study Program 2021. In the midst of the lecture, Mas’ud said. “If any new graduates who need help contacting their parents or convincing them that they want to continue their master’s degree, I will do it” he said.

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Inevitably, several students accepted the offer because this would provide new reinforcement and inspiration. The next day several parents said they were happy to receive a direct call from the graduate director. Some parents claim enjoying this special communication.

Again, Sumartono, the head of the Animal Husbandry Study Program, also said “Prof, I am ready to support a very promising strategy, initiated from the Masters in Animal Science, hopefully the results will be extraordinary in all study programs,” he added.

The following is a quote from Mas’ud’s communication with the students’ parents. 

“Excuse me. I am M. Mas’ud Said. Director of graduate program of Unisma Malang.

We congratulate your daughters/sons for passing the Faculty of Animal Husbandry program well.

We expect your daughters or sons to be able to continue their master’s degree in Animal Husbandry at Unisma. We met yesterday when there was a Yudicium agenda and offered them to continue to the Masters level with a 25 percent tuition discount.

Registration can be done by the person concerned with the assistance of the head of the Study Program, Dr. Sumartono.

I hope you and your families are healthy and have lots of sustenance. All of your daughters/sons are the best generation.


 Mas’ud Said

Director of Graduate Program Unisma.

After a while, the student’s parents answered: 

“Waalaikum salam. wr. Wb. Thank you for your support, Insya Allah my daughter/son will continue to Master program, hopefully the knowledge gained so far is useful and blessed, amiiin”.

Most of parents are very respectful and the students’ parents are very welcome. His daughter was sent to Masters study program directly.

So after managerial approach, Mas’ud used his briliant idea, personal communication. (MMS/AL/PPS)