Director of Postgraduate Program, Appreciates the Development of Study Programs

Direktur Pascasarjana Berikan Apresiasi terhadap Kinerja Program Studi

Malang, July 14, 2023 – Director of Postgraduate Program, proudly announces the appreciation for the consistent efforts on develomnet study programs. This appreciation is directed towards the heads of study programs who have enhanced the capacity of lecturers and students.

In their efforts to continuously enhance capacity and educational quality, the study programs have conducted various training programs for lecturers and students. The outcomes of these trainings indirectly support the accreditation process of each program.

“I strongly support and express my gratitude to the Heads of Study Programs who have conducted training sessions on scientific journal writing, internationally and nationally standardized research proposal writing, as well as book authoring,” said Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, Ph.D.

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Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, Ph.D., also expresses his confidence that the study programs at Unisma’s Postgraduate School will continue to thrive and improve their accreditation. He hopes by the end of 2023, that the good programs (baik) will become excellent (baik sekali), and the excellent ones will become outstanding (unggul).

Unisma’s Postgraduate School also encourages every student and lecturer to have their own personal website or blog, as it will contribute to Unisma’s and the Postgraduate School’s Webometrics. This will have a positive impact in expanding information reach and institutional reputation.

During the event, Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, Ph.D., expresses gratitude to everyone who has dedicated their time and effort to participate in the training programs and enrich their knowledge in journal writing, book authoring, and research development.

With hope and prayers, Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, Ph.D., conveys the spirit to continue the efforts on development study programs, which will greatly contribute to the progress of education in Indonesia.

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