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Masters in Mathematics Education

Masters degree in Mathematics Education Is a graduate program that was established as an answer to the community’s need for professionals in the field of mathematics education. Masters in Mathematics Education of Unisma not only produces competent and adaptive educators in the field of mathematics learning, but is equipped with the character of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah An-Nahdliyah.


Becoming a Masters program in mathematics education that is able to produce graduates who are competent in planning, solving, and developing mathematics education that is oriented towards science, technology, and culture, for the benefit of people who have good morals based on the teachings of Islam Ahlussunnah Waljama’ah An-Nahdiyah.


Graduate Profile

Profiles of graduates of Masters degree inMathematics Education are those with excellent attitudes, knowledge, skillsand humanistic aspects (high sense of humanity), so that they can guide their students well and effectively.


in Mathematics Education


in Mathematics Education

Educational Manager

Educational Institution Manager

Education Consultant

Providing services and advice related to education


Education Entrepreneur

Curriculum and Course Distribution

Courses Credits
Islamic Studies of Ahlussunnah Wal Jama’ah 2
Foundation of education and learning 2
Developments and Problems of Mathematics Education 2
Mathematics learning strategy 2
Technology-based mathematics learning media 2
Elective Courses:
-Review of the School Mathematics Curriculum*
– Capita Selecta of School Mathematics*
Total credits in Semester 1 12
Courses Credits
Islamic Studies of Ahlussunnah Wal Jama’ah 1
Applied Statistic 3
Algebra Structure 3
Real Analysis 3

Elective Course:
– Digital mathematics learning innovation*
– Analysis of international research results in mathematics education*


Elective Courses:
– Innovation of mathematics learning media development digital based*
– Innovation of mathematics-based learning teaching materials technology*

Total Credits in Semester 2 14


Berikut adalah dosen pengajar di Magister Pendidikan Matematika

Prof. Dr. Surahmat, M.Si

Arithmethic and Algerbra

Dr. Surya Sari Faradiba, M.Pd

Mathematic’s Learning Development

Drs. Zainal Abidin, M.Pd., Ph.D

Geometry and Mathematic’s Learning

Dr. Anies Fuady, M.Pd

Mathematics Learning

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