Director of Postgraduate Program Explain Digital Bureaucracy

digital bureaucracy

The Postgraduate Director of Unisma gave a digital bureaucracy presentation to the communication and information service bureau throughout East Java. The presentation was given during Kopilaborasi at the Grand Mercure Malang on November 14, 2022.

Kopilaborasi is an activity of the East Java Communication and Information Technology Bureau in collaboration with stakeholders. Now, Kopikolaborasi collaborates with TV9 and also the Government Leaning Centre.

According to Prof. Masud, the initiation of e-government has essentially been carried out since 2000. The government has released the web of each city and district since 3 decades ago. “If currently there are still districts/cities that do not have a website, let’s call it a group, not the government,” he said.

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Prof. Mas’ud is not alone, accompanied by the Director of TV9 Nusantara, A Hakim Jayli, S.AP., M.Si cited a theory in early 2000 that stated “Print media is ancient media, current medua is television and the media of the future is the internet”. According to him, TV9 began to migrate to the internet.

Nevertheless, TV has the power of editors who crosceck an news and event. Social media does not have that, so it is prone to malinformation, disinformation and missleading.

Prof. Masud emphasized the importance of digital bureaucracy to improve public services to make them more accessible to the public. This professor of government science explained that at least the government needs 3 layers of governance. First layer the leader to formulate the policy. Secondly, the technical worker layer. Layer three, IT troops to optimize peformance media and IT, the average service does not yet have this.

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The chairman of ISNU East Java also emphasized the importance of a good and purposeful narrative. “Other people should know that if we work, what funds are the result of their work”. Thus, each program will be well socialized and published.

Hakim Jayli added the importance of government making movement, not events. The movement should begin with building a narrative to prepare the audience. Once ready, the audience is given important information on a program and policy.

As with Hollywood movies, films are prepared to carry a certain narrative that supports national policy. So that the people is aware and ready for the policies set. (AL/PPS)