Quality Assurance

Keep on Quality Assurance to foster the sustainability of Quality Education


Quality Assurance Unit (UPM)

Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) is quality assurance organisation in line with faculty or Postgraduate program. This unit under auspices of Quality Assurance Agency (BPM) of Unisma


Dr. Sri Wahyuni, M.Pd
Dr. Anies Fuady, M.Pd


12 Quality Standards

12 Quality Standard to maintain educational quality in Postgraduate program of Universitas Islam Malang

Standard on Eduactional Quality

Standar Mutu Pendidikan.

Standard on Research Quality

Standar Mutu Penelitian

Standard on Community Service

Standar Mutu Penyambdian Kepada Masyarakat

Standard on Vision Mission & Objective

Standar Mutu Visi, Misi dan Tujuan.

Standard in Cooperation

Standar Mutu Kerja Sama.

Student andAlumni

Standar Mutu Mahasiswa dan Alumni

Standard in Management Quality

Standar Mutu Tata Pamong

Standard in Finance Qulity

Standar Mutu Keuangan

Facilities and Infrastructure

Standar Mutu Sarana dan Prasarana

Standard in Prosperity

Standar Mutu Kesejahteraan

Standard on Lecturer Works

Standar Mutu Kinerja Dosen

Informational System

Standar Mutu Sistem Informasi

Quality Assurance Group (GPM)

is tgroup assigned to maintaiquality of eduction in each study program. GPM is abreviation from Gugus Penjamin Mutu