Vision & Mission

The vision of UNISMA Graduate Program is:

Becoming a graduate program which is  highly competitive so that it can produce graduates who are capable of planning, solving, developing, designing, engineering, and discovering science and technology and culture through education, research, and community service for the benefit of the people, who have good morals based on the teachings of Islam Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah’s Nahdliyah.

The missions of  Unisma graduate program are:

  • Organizing professional, quality, and competitive Masters and doctoral programs at the national and international levels to produce quality, competitive, and morally good human resources based on the teachings of Islam Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah, Islam an-Nahdiyah.
  • Developing scientific research and professional practice to produce innovative works in the fields of science, technology, art, and culture that are beneficial to people.