The Director’s Remarks

Assalamu’alaikum War. Wab.

Praise and gratitude we always extend to Allah SWT, while saying Alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘alamin, for all the abundance of His blessings, grace, guidance, and inayah so that the graduate program of Universitas Islam Malang is getting better day by day and getting more public trust as an educational institution providing undergraduate and graduate programs both Masters and  Doctoral degrees. 

Then implementation graduate program at the Universitas Islam Malang began in 1997 based on the Decree of the Directorate General of Islamic Community Guidance, Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Number E/25/1997 by opening Islamic Study program, concentrating on  Islamic education and Islamic law. These two areas then turned into 2 separate study programs based on the Decree of the Director-General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Number: Dj.I/201/2008.Later, graduate program develops into: Masters in Law, Masters in Indonesian Language Education, Masters in English Education, Masters in Management, Masters in Administrative Sciences, Masters in  Animal Husbandry, and Masters in Notary Studies, an a doctoral program in f Multicultural Islamic Education.

We are always eager to improve the quality of academic, administrative, and student service implementations. The recognition of the success of those improvements is indicated by at least 3 (three) indicators.

First, the acknowledgment was declared by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education which has stated that the study programs in the Graduate Program of the University of Islam Malang have been accredited. Second, the recognition was given by the government in the form of student scholarship placements from the government, namely the Islamic Law Study Program starting in the 2010/2011 academic year and the Islamic Education Study Program starting the 2011/2012 academic year until now. Third, the recognition by the community has been indicated by an increasing number of students who have registered and been accepted into each study program.

Therefore, to maintain and increase public trust, we need to further introduce the study programs in the graduate program of Universitas Islam Malang through the website. We will gradually improve the completeness of the information on this website to cover all essential information such as the vision and mission of the graduate program at Universitas Islam Malang, the objectives of each study program, curriculum structure, program excellence, and the registration process. We also provide profiles of officials, academic and administrative staff within the graduate program at Universitas  Islam Malang.

Other information showing the dynamics of activities in each study program will be uploaded on this website so that students and lecturers can access the information quickly. Hopefully, this information will be helpful for both the community who have become residents of the graduate program at Unisma who are still considering registering to this program. May Allah SWT always bless our steps. Amen!

Wallahul Muwafiq Ila Aqwamith Thariq

Wassalamu’alaikum War. Wab.

Malang, 4 March 2019



Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, MM, Ph.D