Leader of Al-Aqobah Urged Lecturers Unisma to Establish a Pesantren

Pengasuh Al-Aqobah mengajak dosen Unisma mendirikan Pondok Pesantren

Leader of Pondok Pesantren (Islamic School) Al-Aqobah, KH Muhammad Junaidi Hidayat, SH, has invited lecturers from the Islamic University of Malang (Unisma) to collaborate in establishing a pesantren (Islamic boarding school). The invitation was extended during the Mbalah Aswaja event held at the Ainul Yaqin Campus Mosque, Unisma, on June 21, 2023.

In an effort to revive the prestige of pesantren, Alumni of Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School expressed their enthusiasm for establishing pesantren to lecturers with a background in Islamic education. They expressed concern over the phenomenon of pesantren being managed by individuals without a pesantren background, which has had a negative impact on the image of pesantren and its management lacking a wasathiyah (moderate) approach.

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Pesantren and the Wasathiyah Approach

This Mbalah Aswaja event focused on the urgency of the wasathiyah approach in facing contemporary issues encountered by Muslims. According to the caretaker of Al-Aqobah Islamic Boarding School, KH Muhammad Junaidi Hidayat, SH, the wasathiyah approach is characterized by proportionality and alignment with the broader principles of religiousness. However, the wasathiyah approach cannot be achieved by those lacking knowledge.

A Muslim who upholds the wasathiyah approach is capable of maintaining a balance between their roles as Abdullah (servant of God) and Khalifatullah (God’s representative on Earth). These two aspects coexist within a Muslim individual, no longer separated in their everyday activities. The wasathiyah approach encompasses all aspects of life, both in this world and the hereafter, without creating a division between muamalah (worldly affairs) and ubudiyah (worship). They are inseparable components.

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The educator and Unisma’s rector emphasized that individuals who possess religious fervor without knowledge pose a significant danger when managing a pesantren. He asserted that knowledge serves as the foundation that safeguards the integrity of religion, while other aspects such as economics and politics also play a role in strengthening religion.

KH Muhammad Junaidi Hidayat, SH, shared his success story in building the Al-Aqobah Islamic Boarding School. Al-Aqobah encompasses various educational designs, including the Al-Aqobah International School. Each branch has its own specialties, such as tahfid (Quran memorization) and research.

It is hoped that through this invitation, Unisma lecturers with a pesantren background will participate in establishing a pesantren that aligns with their capabilities. Pesantren, fundamentally, is a place of religious study. Such studies enable the younger generation to acquire knowledge, possess noble character, and confront the challenges of the times. (AL/PPS)