BIB Students Take Unisma Postgraduate Orientation

beasiswa indonesia bangkit

Students of the Beasiswa Indonesia Bangkit (BIB) program take part in student orientation on November 14, 2022. The agenda was carried out to introduce the profile and academic atmosphere of UNISMA, this activity was carried out in the East Java Study Center Room on the 3rd floor of the Ali bin Abi Tholib Building

Vice Director 1 representing the Postgraduate Director of Unisma, opened the Study and Campus Life Orientation for New Students (OSHIKA MABA) event for students of BIB scholarship program. Dr. Nur Fajar Arief, M.Pd gave a warm welcome to 13 students of the Master of Indonesian Language Education. BIB is joint program by Religious Affair of Republic Indonesia (Kemenag RI) and Education Fund Management Agency (LPDP). LPDP is organization under the command of the ministry finace Republic of Indonesia.

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Not all students of the BIB program can participate in this activity. 13 students who were accepted into the BIB program, only 7 people were able to take part in this activity. Limited distance and obstructed information make students unable to participate in this activity. One of them is Igajadwar Ratalemba, a student from Gorontalo who is still taking care of departure to Java.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Malang City Board of Education, Dr. Nur Fajar Arief, M.Pd explained the academic and lecture system, lecture ethics and life on campus. This Arema native hopes that students can excel in academics.

Vice Director 2 Postgraduate Program, Dr. Rulam Ahmadi, M.Pd explained about finance, personnel, facilities and infrastructure. Dr. Rulam also explained that all access to information at unisma postgraduate is available on the website.

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Furthermore, the head of the S2 Indonesian Language Education study program, Dr. Akhmad Tabrani, M.Pd gave an orientation on the applicable curriculum, technical lectures, the number of credits, the midterm exams implementation system, the and final exams implementation system. This Unisma Linguistics expert also explained the writing processes from proposal seminars, mentoring, to thesis exam sessions.

Mr. Tabrani also explained the requirements of the judiciary, BIB students are required to submit scientific articles that are accredited at least Sinta 3. “If students are able to upload scientific articles accredited by Sinta 2, they are exempt from writing a thesis. However, the article is still tested by lecturers,” he said. (AL/PPS)