Prof. M. Mas’ud Said was appointed as an Advisory Council of the Indonesian Research Association for East Java.

prof masud di daulat menjadi dewan penasehat HIMPENDO

As a teaching staff as well as the director of graduate program of Unisma, M. Mas’ud Said received a new mandate to become a member of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Research Association, a research organization within the scope of the Indonesian Research Institute in East Java.

Mas’ud welcomed the guests at the Unisma graduate office on Tuesday 20 April 2021. The guests that came to this occasion were Prof. Buana Ma’ruf (the Expert Council), Dr. Abdul Hamid, Dr. Anang (the Chairman) and the initiators of Himpendo.

After various offers to become administrators and advisors to professional and religious organizations, M. Mas’ud Said was again asked to become the Advisory Board of Himpendo for East Java. 

During the year of 2021,  Mas’ud Said received various offers to join and even be added to the list of organizations. Last year, Mas’ud Said became an Advisor to the Indonesian Publisher Association (East Java), then this year he has become the Chair of “Indonesian Islamic Scholar Board” in East Java, a member of the East Java Provincial Expert Council, and Nadzir Kemayoran Mosque in Surabaya.

“I’ve tried to explain that I have too much work; however, my fellow researchers continue to put pressure on me and come by sending a decree from the central management”, explained Mas’ud. “Yes, this is still in line with the task as a professor who also has to do research and community service”, he added.