Graduate Program of Unisma Prepares the Design of  Curriculum of Autonomous learning-Independent Campus Program

Unisma responds to curriculum changes regarding Autonomous learning-Independent Campus Program  by designing the best possible curriculum. The Unisma Academic Team formed panelists to provide input on the curriculum in the Ali bin Abi Thilib building on the 7th floor. Now the heads of graduate program were presenting the Curriculum Design “with a Spirit of” Autonomous learning-Independent Campus Program in front of panelists on 5-7 May 2021.

The presentation of  the graduate program curriculumis divided into 3 terms. First, May 5, 2021 was presentation by  The Doctoral Program of Multicultural Islamic Education, Masters in Islamic Religious Education, Masters in Indonesian Language Education and Masters in English Education.

Photo with the head of study programs presenting on the first day, May 5, 2021

Second, 6 May 2021 is presentation by  Masters in Law, Masters in Notary and Masters in Islamic Law. Meanwhile, Day 3, 7 May 2021, is for Masters in Management, Masters in Administrative Sciences and Masters in Animal Husbandry.

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Prof. Mas’ud, as the director of the Graduate Programs said  that he is ready to face changes for Autonomous learning-Independent Campus Program. The Autonomous learning-Independent Campus Program Curriculum at Unisma graduate program  is supported by 2 study centers and a fostered village that would be a great place to run lectures outside the university.

In addition, students who are currently undergoing certain professions can convert their professional activities into appropriate courses. This flexibility is in accordance with the curriculum of Autonomous learning-Independent Campus Program policy issued  by the Indonesian Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. (AL/PPS)