20 Student Candidates Compete Doctoral Scholarship

sambutan kepada peserta beasiswa doktor PAI

A total of 20 student candidates competed for the PAI doctoral scholarship given by the East Java Pesantren and Diniyah Development Institute (LPPD) at the Unisma Postgraduate Program. The 20 people competed in the phase 2 selection which was held at the Ali bin Abi Tholib building, University of Islam Malang on 11/08/2022.

The selection which lasted for 1 day tested 2 subjects. First, testing the competence of student candidate to read the one of islamic literature, namely Fathul Mu’in. Second, test the quality of dissertation proposals written by student candidate to ensure the academic quality.

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Doctoral candidate students come from campuses with islamic boarding schools (pesantren) in East Java. It can be islamic higher institution (PTKI) belongs to pesantren or Ma’had Aly. All student candidate have also been registered as permanent lecturers with campus, proofed by Leceture Intification Number (NIDN).

These 20 participants have been selected in the first stage. Participants who are interested in this doctoral scholarship come from 19 pesantren spread across East Java.

The selection of the subject of reading the islamic literature was tested by Dr. KH. Abdul Haris, M.Ag. He is the caretaker of the Al-Bidayah Tegal Besar Islamic Boarding School, Kaliwates, Jember as well as the chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) branch in Jember.

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The selection of the subject of the quality of the dissertation proposal was carried out by Prof. Dr. Maskuri, M.Si and Prof. H. M. Mas’ud Said, MM., Ph.D. The appointment by LPPD is also in line with that Prof. Maskuri and Prof. Masud are the rector of Unisma and the Director of the postgraduate program respectively. The appointment of the examiner was given directly by the Head of LPPD East Java, Prof. Dr. Halim Soebahar.

This exam was also monitored by the LPPD team, namely, Abdul Ghofur, S.Pd, and accompanied by Ahmad Rifa’i and Amir Mujianto. This selection conlude 10 awardee who will fully funded by doctoral scholarship. (AL/PPS)