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Results of the Appeal for the Accreditation of Masters in Indonesian Language Education: Accredited A

Yesterday, 20 September 2020, the results of the appeal for the accreditation of the Master of Indonesian Education (MPBI) have just come out. The result of the appeal changed previous accreditation rating “B” to “A”. This “A” accreditation is based on the results of the Plenary Meeting of the Accreditation Council of the National Accreditation […]

Accompanied during Exam

The doctoral program in Multicultural Islamic Education held two closed exams this morning, Friday, September 18, 2020. The first session was held from 07.00 a.m to 08.15a.m for Promovendus Salim, lLecturer at Universitas Raden Rahmat, Malang. Promovendus was accompanied by one of his colleagues because he had not yet recovered from his illness. Previously, the […]