The Masters in Animal Husbandry Program Synergizes with Animal Husbandry Faculty Alumni

The Masters in Animal Husbandry conducted Webinars and Alumni Gatherings in order to coordinate synergy with alumni of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry. The agenda was carried out through a Zoom Meeting on August 5, 2021.

The rector of Unisma, Prof. M. Maskuri, M.Si, explained the potential map of the alumni of the Unisma in the midst of society. The alumni of Unisma have  good ethics and great moral values. Unisma is ranked 44th  out of  public and private universities in Indonesia, 14th in East Java, and 1st in Malang City.

The Animal Husbandry Alumni have become successful entrepreneurs. The Rector said that when visiting the regions, the Unisma alumni welcomed them with open arms. According to the rector, to be successful, it is necessary to prepare and provide for higher education in terms of education.

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The graduate director explains the transformation of education at Unisma

Graduate director, Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, MM., Ph.D explained that currently, Unisma is transforming learning activities to be more intensive towards research developments.

The potential of livestock in East Java shows an increasing number. This potential has become a task  in the world of animal husbandry. On the education side, the Animal Husbandry Study Program of Unisma has prepared superior and relevant education for the  work fields.

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The Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Inggit Kentjonowaty delivered the material.

The Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Dr. Ir. Inggit Kentjonowaty, M.P. explained the important role of ammunition in improving the quality of higher education. The role of alumni in tracer studies provides evaluation space to measure educational achievement.

One of the successful Unisma alumni, Dr. HM. Aftabuddin RZ S.Pt, MSi, is presently the head of Livestock Breeding and Forage for Singosari, Malang. He was very appreciative of Unisma’s activities to strengthen networks with alumni as well as to encourage the improvement of the quality of Unisma’s Masters in Animal Husbandry. (AL/PPS)

Photo session with all webinar participants.