Unisma Granted an Award to the Late KH. Amirul Mu’minin

Malang, August 12, 2021, the Unisma through the graduate program has granted an award to KH. Amirul Muminin (the late), for his dedication in the world of education. KH. Amirul Muminin was a 2018 student of doctoral program  in the Multicultural Islamic Education  in Unisma and he was about to get a doctorate promotion, but he passed away earlier last month.

The award of KH. Amirul Mu’minin was held in conjunction with a reflection ceremony for the commemoration of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia which was attended by the Rector, Vice Rector and the leaders of the UNISMA Foundation. KH. Amirul Mu’minin was the son of the founders of the Sumber Pendidikan Mental Agama Allah Islamic boarding school, Muhammad Abdullah Muchtar.

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The daughter of KH. Amirul Mu’minin, Dr. Nicky Estu Putu Muchtar told that his father once said “Dear my daughter, Abi (father) does not inherit wealth, but inherits knowledge”. For Nicky, KH. Amirul Mu’minin was not only a father who encouraged people to study, but also set an example to always be enthusiastic in learning.

Nicky represents the late KH. Amirul Mu’minin family to thank the graduate program of Unisma for the award, and apologized for father’s behaviors while studying at UNISMA.

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According to the rector of UNISMA, Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si., KH. Amirul Mu’minin was a very generous person. His generosity could be seen that he is active in NGOs that helped build mosques in Surabaya and Mojokerto.

Prof. Maskuri also witnessed that he was active in community organizations. Moreover, Prof. Maskuri was also impressed that when he was about to complete the open examination, he was very excited, even though he was not in an excellent  condition.

Prof. Mas’ud Said, Unisma’s graduate director, appreciates the event in memory of KH. Amirul Mu’minin. After the awarding ceremony in the morning routine ceremony, Nicky Estu Putu Muchtar talked to the director of graduate program, Prof. M. Mas’ud Said, Ph.D. Both of them seemed to be fond of reminiscing about an inspirational figure in the world of education, like KH. Amirul Mu’minin. (AL/PPS)

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