Masters in Animal Husbandry Strengthens Strategic Relationship with Singosari Center for Artificial Insemination

Unisma has long established a strategic relationship with the Singosari Center for Artificial Insemination (SCAI). 25 SCAI  employees are currently active students at UNISMA, and also there are big numbers of alumni of  Unisma working  at SCAI.

In order to strengthen this strategic relationship, the Masters in Animal Husbandry of Unisma altogether with lecturers and leaders of Animal Husbandry Faculty made a visit to SCAI  on Friday, August 20, 2021.

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SCAI  by far has also collaborated with the Faculty of Animal Husbandry  by giving opportunities to undergraduate students to gain experience in the field of animal husbandry. The Faculty of Animal Husbandry has also updated the curriculum of undergraduate students, as a form of strategic collaboration between Unisma and SCAI.

The latest curriculum requires the university to facilitate students to be more actively involved outside the community of the university, especially second and third year students. SCAI  is ready to accept students from Unisma, especially students from animal husbandry study programs,to improve their skills in the related field.

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SCAI  also invited lecturers and researchers from Unisma  especially Masters in Animal Husbandry students to discuss issues in related area.

Additionally, SCAI  is also optimistic that Unisma is one of the university choices to increase human resources in its work environment. (SH/AL/PPS)

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