Masters in Animal Husbandry Comprehensive Exam Still Online


Yesterday, September 18, 2020, the Masters in Animal Husbandry held a comprehensive exam for Suharyanta. The exam was conducted using video teleconferencing.

Suharyanta defended his research entitled, “The Quality of Fresh Semen of Simmental Cows in Different Seasons”. This study aimed to analyze the quality of Simmental cattle semen in different seasons,  the dry season and the rainy season.

There were 3 findings in this study. First, the difference between the dry season and the rainy season does not affect the quality of fresh semen in terms of the volume and concentration parameters of fresh cement. Second, the color and consistency of the fresh semen of Simmental bulls in terms of descriptive analysis tended to be better in the dry season than in the rainy season. And lastly, the quality of Simmental Cow’s fresh semen in the dry season is better than in the rainy season.

The board of examiners in the exam of Suharyanta this time consisted of two supervisors, namely Dr. Ir. Badat Muwakhid, MP and Dr. Ir. Sumartono, MP who is also the head of the Masters in Animal Husbandry Study Program and two examiners, namely Dr. Ir. Inggit Kentjonowaty, MP, the dean of the Faculty of Animal Science, Unisma, and Dr. Ir. Usman Ali.

Congratulations to Mr. Suharyanta!. (Nad/Al/PPS)